Electric Factory Celebrates Its 17th Anniversary By Making $17 Tickets


In a city full of history, Philadelphia’s Electric Factory has provided music lovers with many unforgettable moments. Unlike a lot of sports teams headed to Philly, bands from around the globe make this city a must on their tour stops. The appetite for live music fuels energy levels at shows which compete with the best of them.


And thanks to concert promoter and founder of Electric Factory Concerts, Lary Magid, the Electric Factory has been the home to many personal moments as heard and shared on Endless Boundaries Jam Radio. Whether trying to find a spot against the rail upstairs for Trey Anastasio, pushing (politely) forward to get to front row The Disco Biscuits New Year’s Eve run, taking a smoke break in the blizzard during an Umphrey’s McGee set break, relaxing in the black light wooden coffen things, or spacing off to those trippy video monitors, the Factory houses these types of unique moments.



Everyone has their personal favorite venues for reasons of acoustics, space, lighting, ect, but the Electric Factory just screams out Philly. After all, Founding Father and one of Philadelphia’s own, Ben Franklin, is worked into the Electric Factory logo.


So today, we celebrate 17 years since the resurrection of the Electric Factory at 421 North 7th Street retrofitted from an old electric factory. And beginning tomorrow, October 10th, the venue will be offering $17 tickets until Saturday October 27th at 6pm (with limited number of $17 tickets available for all shows).




Click here to find out who’s playing when at the Electric Factory and score your $17 tickets!


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