Help Kickstart Assembly of Dust’s ‘Sun Shot’

Assembly of Dust is the latest band to jump on the Kickstarter series offering fans unique kickbacks for their generous contributions to help fund the new ‘Sun Shot’ record. The working title release features nine brand new songs and four never recorded. Patrons will have options of selecting packages which get extremely unique as the value of the contribution goes up. Here are some of the options already


• Signed copy of the new album Sun Shot
• Signed hand-crafted poster
• Limited edition Live AOD Performance DVDs
• Limited edition Reid solo performance (live audio)
• Dinner with band and a backstage hang
• After show Whisky Tasting with the band


The band is about $10K away from their goal of $25K and anything you can do to help is appreciated. Of course, you’ll be rewarded accordingly with one of Endless Boundaries’ favorite musical groups newest recordings and your own personal touch towards the release of ‘Son Shot’ due out January 2013.





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