MP3 OF THE DAY: Barefoot Truth Live at the colonial Theater 11.26.10


Barefoot Truth will be saying farewell to fans with their final shows this fall. Since the band mentioned their means to an end, they’ve been generously kicking down old photos, recordings, and other moments throughout Barefoot Truth’s musical run.


The band has now just offered up a free download for their show at the Colonial Theater on November 26th, 2010. A nostalgic nod to one of the venues the band will be saying farewell too on October 12th.


Get Your Free Download of BT Live at Colonial Theater 11.26.10 here


As for the reasoning behind the disbandment, here’s what BT wrote to their fans…


“In the past few years, it has been more difficult than you may realize for the band to continue the pace. Although we love playing live shows, the pull to be home with loved ones and the desire to pursue other interests has strained our ability to honestly give the band our full devotion and attention. After much soulful discussion, we have decided that it must be time for us to turn a new chapter.


Therefore, the band has decided that this fall will mark the final shows for Barefoot Truth. Trust that we did not come to this decision easily, for we truly believe that our music has a place and purpose that is needed. We know that in our absence the music will continue to reach new listeners, and we hope that you will never stop spreading the truth! We also are excited to let you know that we are planning to go out with a bang!!


In this final tour we want you to join us in celebrating a fun-filled, independent music career as we make our last swing through some of our favorite music venues in New England. Change is coming, and know that it is for all good reasons. We can never thank you enough for your ongoing support, but we hope to see you one last time this fall to try. As always ..”


Big Love, -BFT


Check out farewell dates and other information at BarefootTruth.com.



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