MP3 of The Day: Ropeadope Records Releases This is Cabinet – Covers

Hot off the press and for those who love covers, Ropeadope Records has just released This is Cabinet’s Covers for a pay-what-you price. The band wants to give their fans something back in exchange for the strong support in 2011 so they have chose their favorite live covers recorded in February of 2011.


This Wilkes-Barre native group is poised to break out in 2012 and seven track, high-quality releases like this will only make it happen sooner then later.


Covers chosen for this release include “Boy in the Bubble”, “I Ain’t Broke”, “High on a Mountain Top”, “Eat My Dust”, Pig in a Pen”, “Gumboots”, and “Rollin in My Sweet Baby’s Arms”.



Download This is Cabinet – Covers here.





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