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Ok, so this has been something way over due and a highly sought after question. When will there be Endless Boundaries tee shirts made?! The financials for out of pocket expenses have been extremely tight which is why the delay, but after discussing with my web designer, Gunn, we’re setting up pre-orders to help offset up front costs and actually make this happen if there’s enough interest.

We’re putting feelers out there now to see what kind of printing we can do and you’ll be one of the first to have the new shirts. With your support, you can help off-set some of the costs for server hosting, start-up merch, ect. I’m not looking to make a profit, simply dump more $ back into merch and help spread the word about Endless Boundaries to the streets and get a smart phone app up and running.

We priced out a $18 “donation” pre-order which will score you a tee shirt and a Z889 sticker with a $5 shipping fee. I’m working on new EB logo design stickers, but I really want to get these tees up and running first. We’ll be setting up a pay-pal pre-order account, but it all comes back the initial interest. Would you like to help support EB and get a tee shirt?

Here’s a mock-up of the first flight tees. Either way, thanks for your support throughout the years. EB is in it’s 17th year of broadcasting and this has and continues to be one hell of a ride!


* Product type: All t-shirts are Guildan 6400 soft spun material and ink is custom soft pressed

* Every order comes with the newly designed Endless Boundaries Jam Radio Sticker and Z889 radio station sticker


UPDATE (January 22, 2015): All pre-orders are being processed and should arrive second week of February. Those wishing to still place an order may do so, but stock is limited. THANK YOU for your support!

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Designed and Built by Stephen Gunn.