VIDEO: Conspirator Covers Scarlet Begonias and Hendrix’s Fire at Wanee Music Festival on 4.20.12

A once Disco Biscuits side project now turned semi super-group in the jam scene with additions of guitarist Chris Michetti (RAQ) and drummers Darren Shearer (the New Deal), Mike Greenfield (Lotus), and KJ Sawka (Pendulum), Conspirator has been killing it this tour.


The band recently released their first official live release, Unlocked: Live From The Georgia Theatre, on SCI Fidelity Records and their tour will touch base tomorrow night in Marc Brownstein’s and Aron Magner’s Bisco hometown of Philadelphia at the historical Trocadero Theatre.


One of the new covers the boys have chosen to bust out during this recent run is The Grateful Dead’s “Scarelt Begonias” ¬†which sparked curiousity for those who didn’t get a chance to hear or see it. Conspirator not only busted out Scarlet Begonias but they followed up with a jamming segue into a cover of Hendrix’s “Fire” where Michetti miSCHREDS it at this year’s Wanee Music Festival!




For more information on Conspirator, check out conspiratorband.com.



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