VIDEO: The Disco Biscuits – Friday Sunset Jam at Camp Bisco 12 (Official)



In anticipation of The Disco Biscuits New Year’s Eve run in New York City at both the Best Buy Theater on December 26th – 29th and underneath Phish at The Theater of Madison Square Garden on December 30th and New Year’s Eve, the band has uploaded an official video taken from the Friday Sunset Jam at this year’s Camp Bisco music festival in Mariaville, NY on July 12th, 2013.


If you were thinking of purchasing tickets to any of the shows or grabbing the whole five-day pass, they’re on sale now while supplies last. This video could be the one that pushes you and your friends over the fence.



Filmed by Will McCosker and Scotty Zwang

Edited by Will McCosker

Filmed using 8 GoPro Hero 2 Cameras and 1 Hero GoPro 3 Camera

Audio recorded and mixed by Patrick Hutchinson (Disco Biscuits)




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